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Computer controlled multiple projection devices , fisheye lens and a dome structure is used to project 360 degrees 3D view. It is a special system used to present our place in universe, Milkyway and all other celestial bodies to large group of viewers simultaeously.
The most important reasons to use planetarium instead of watching the sky is light pollution and lack of appropriate astronomy equipment.
Using a Digital planetarium real images and videos obtained by giant telescopes can be viewed in a 3D dome structure. Digital techology provides the option for zooming stars or celestial bodies. With multimedia technologies scientific enjoyable shows with videos, animations, special effects can be played in planetarium.

Planetariums are used to enlighten people about space and provide a way to tech science ans space to children while they are having fun. There are portable, inflatable planetariums which can be set up inside buildings and there are fixed planetariums which are usually built by science museums or similar institutions.

Yesantek Research is the exclusive distributor of Digitalis Education in Turkey.

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Denizli 4K Hibrid Planetaryum 360 video

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