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planetaryum bilimkuresi bilimtuneli monsterpiano


Computer controlled multiple projection devices , fisheye lens and a dome structure is used to project 360 degrees 3D view. It is a special system used to present our place in universe, Milkyway and all other celestial bodies to large group of viewers simultaeously.

Science on Sphere

Science of Sphere was developed by American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) . It is an advanced computer and projection system used to organize and present real world data and special shows

Projection Tunnel

Videos and animations are projected to tunnel structure, It enables 3D view for the visitors and enhance their experience. Projection tunnel provides a magnificent platform which can be used for education, fun and advertisement purpose

Monster Piano

Monster piano is a giant piano which is 610 centimeters long ( 5 octaves, 122 cm each) It is an education and entertainment device which is played by feet. There is also a 3 octave version which is 366 cm long.