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Monster Piano

Monster Piano

Monster piano is a giant piano which is 610 centimeters long ( 5 octaves, 122 cm each) It is an education and entertainment device which is played by feet. There is also a 3 octave version which is 366 cm long.


-Special keyboard with 128 GM sound and fully digital functions. Furthermore, there is a special software enabling all types of sounds,music and preseting dance lessons on system.
-Special guide with colored lights. Many songs which can be played with feet are found in this guide.
-Touchpad screened wireless remote controller can be used to control all functions of monster piano remotely-
-Bright LED lights installed into the keys
-Multiple recordiıng options
-Monster Piano instructor's guide

Mini Monster Piano

2 Octaves with 2,13 meter length having 25 keys. Specifically designed for children.

Monster Piano Sales Price
​ Mini Monster Piano (2 Octave)12.500 USD + tax
36 Keys Monster Piano (3 Octave) 27.500 USD + tax
60 Keys Monster Piano (5 Octave) 39.500 USD + tax
Delivery Date: 4-8 Weeks

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